Friday, March 1, 2013

Graduation Day

I was browsing through all my files and realized that I haven't posted much from Dec 2012 up to the present. During that time, I was very busy finishing my experiments and thesis manuscript but, now, I have a lot of time to be active again in the blogosphere. So yeah, to start off, I want to share the product of all the hard work, cramming, cups of lattes, and sleepless nights in the laboratory.

Last December 18, my university had its Graduation Ceremony for International Students. All the foreign students from the undergraduate and graduate schools came together to celebrate the fruit of their labor.

It's been a wonderful and challenging two-year journey for me. I am very thankful to Kyungpook National University for providing scholarships to students in different parts of the world; to all the professors that I had who shared their knowledge and who patiently taught in English even if it's difficult for them; to my professor/supervisor for accepting me in his laboratory, for helping me and guiding me in the experiments, for understanding me whenever I commit mistakes, and for letting me stand in my feet again after a fall; to my senior who also helped me in the experiments; to our lab's undergraduates with whom I get to talk to during lab dinners and breaks, particulary to that one undergraduate with whom I had several chit chats; to my fellow Filipino KNU scholars, who shared all the ups and downs of studying and living in a foreign land. One big shout out, "WE FINALLY DID IT!" and of course, to my family (Mama, Papa, Lola, and brother) for all the love, support, and for simply being there for me wherever life takes me.

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