Monday, March 18, 2013

Reflections of A Job Hunter

I just got back from my job hunting in LB a few days ago. I first did a little bit of catching up with my former boss. It was nice talking to her and, I must say, she's one of the most down to earth scientists I've ever known. And then I had an interview with one scientist. Thank God I was able to answer his questions correctly even though I was nervous deep inside. He could only give me a temporary position due to funding restrictions so he suggested to check other groups first. I emailed another scientist (and I am really hoping to work under her supervision). I also talked to another one but his field is quite far from mine, so there's really not much to expect.

Geez! If there's one thing I learned from this experience, it's that it's definitely not easy to look for a job, especially here in the Philippines. A post graduate diploma doesn't guarantee one to get the job he deserves in as easy as ABC. But there's still hope. I may not get the job that I want now, but I know someday, the time will come where I'll be in a place and position which I rightfully deserve.

Having a sense of accomplishment is an important aspect of life. I think whatever circumstance you're into, it's important to have a sense of accomplishment even in small things. And of course, it all starts in taking some baby steps. Little by little, you'll eventually get to where you dream of going. All it takes is initiative, courage, and determination. (And with that, my baby steps would be starting to have a list of goals again.)

  1. Finish revising the paper and send it to Professor tonight or until Tuesday afternoon.
  2. Have a notebook to list my weekly goals and accomplishments.
  3. Start looking for some scholarships and list the requirements.
  4. Check the GRE, MCAT, and TOEFL sites.
  5. Email the HR.

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