Monday, April 1, 2013

All my bags are (un)packed

Off to Los Banos tomorrow and I haven't packed my things yet. Los Banos is in a different province from where my home is (8-hour bus ride away). I used to live there before, when I was still in the university and while working.  And now, I am once again setting my foot in that town to find a job. And I really hope I could get it.

I usually travel during the morning and the night before was my time to prepare and pack my bags and it's also the time I hated the most. The thought of leaving my family is really difficult and even though I had experienced it a couple of times before, I still think I would not get used to it. It's heartbreaking but it's a sacrifice to be made.

Enough of this post, I should be packing my bags now...but I don't want too...but I have to. =(

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