Friday, April 19, 2013

Interview In Progress

Interviews, no matter how many times I've taken them, always make me feel nervous. Here's the thing: An interview is a critical part in any job application because it can make or break everything you've written in your awesome resume. Yes, you finally sent that well-written resume. No doubt, you got the education and experience! And you think you're just perfect for the job. You're done with the cover letter. You got a call or an email message. And now, you're all set for the interview!

But, what should we really do with the interview so that everything turns out well? Yes, preparation is the key. One needs to do his research on three things:

  • his/her self
    • educational background
    • skills and abilities
    • previous work experiences (In my case, all my research experiences.)
    • future plans
  • job
    • methods involved
    • how you can apply your knowledge and skills in that job
    • importance of that job in the path you want to take
  • company 
    • vision
    • how you can connect yourself to that vision
    • interpersonal skills with the other members of the company

Here are also some of the things that I did to keep my nerves at bay.

- If you have lots of time to spare before the interview, you can watch a movie (that brings good vibes) in your phone or in whatever gadget you have. In my case, I watched my favorite parts in one of my favorite feel-good movies, Pitch Perfect.

- Keep calm even though you're really feeling nervous deep inside. Make sure that you look calm and collected in front of the interview panel. Flash them your perfect smile. It will help a lot.

- Answer the questions as simple as possible. Don't complicate things. Choose your words properly.
Be direct if you must. But if you're facing a difficult question and directly answering it will not help, learn some ways to get out of that bush before you get lost.

- Don't give too much details especially when it comes to your future plans.


Remember that you need to leave a good impression and prove that you're that amazing person you've written in your resume...and so much more!

Overall, I think my interview last week went pretty good. Finally got the call the other day! One happy girl here! =)

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