Sunday, November 24, 2013

On Untaken Exam & Postponed Dream

Today is the date of that exam. That life changing exam. I already paid for the testing fee. Already got my registration form and room assignment. I should have taken it but I didn't. It just doesn't feel right taking it without reviewing well. It's like going to battle unprepared.

Thus, I am once again postponing that dream.

Up to now, I am still not sure which path to take. That dream or the other one? I used to think that when a person is already in his/her mid-twenties, he/she has already decided the path or career to pursue. But I am nowhere in that stage. I am still confuse which one to choose because I love both fields. Argh! If only I am super intelligent, maybe I can pursue both. You see, there's already a degree if you want both. But the selection is very competitive, as well as the funding. And I am not even a laude holder to begin with. Ok, so now I am totally rambling. Sorry guys. But if there's one thing I learned at being twenty six, it's -

You can never really be sure of where you're going...

But you will get there.

P.S. The last statement is for the needed positive outlook in life. =)

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