Saturday, November 9, 2013

Resiliency And The Filipino People

Experiencing typhoons is something every Filipino is familiar of. Every year, the country is visited by several typhoons. Typhoon signals consist of 1 (being the weakest) and 4 (the strongest). Yesterday, the Visayas region, which is the central part of the Philippines, was hit  by super typhoon Haiyan, locally named Yolanda. Provinces, such as Leyte, Samar, Cebu, Capiz, Bohol, and parts of Palawan, were under Signal number 4. Here in Luzon, northern part of the country, most provinces were either in Signal number 2 or 1. In the province where I am currently staying, we were in Signal number 2.
AFP News - This NOAA image shows Super Typhoon Haiyan taken by the Japan Meteorological Agency's MTSAT at 0630Z on November 7, 2013

High waves pounding the sea wall amidst strong winds as Typhoon Haiyan hit the city of Legaspi, Albay province, south of Manila
But amidst this calamity, there's one thing that depicts the Filipino people...RESILIENCY. 

The statement of one commentor (dudesk001) in a news report perfectly describes what it is all about.
"Time to get to the know the hardy Filipino people...unbelievably resilient, long suffering, good natured, uber friendly, loyal, ingenius, and a bunch of survivors.
At the end of the day the Filipinos will just shake off the dirt from their clothes and thongs and go about their business...and SMILE. They do not complain much, they will bear as long as they can.
Maybe this is why they were given the "privilege" of bearing the burden of the strongest typhoon ever recorded.
The indomitable human spirit at its finest."

Stay strong Philippines!

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