Friday, March 28, 2014

Fridays and Updates

Sipping a cup of tea while listening to a soothing music while checking my social media accounts while blogging. Ahhh, this is my kind of Friday. Something that is just relaxing.

It's been three weeks since my last post here and I have to tell you, those three weeks seemed like three months. It felt like a really, really long time and I'm just happy I am once again back in this little corner of mine. Here's just a short update on what's going on with my life lately:

My life these days consists mainly Yes, work it is. That 8-5 thing, or sometimes even up to 6 or 7. But I'm not complaining. Life is good. The 3rd day of March was the day I transferred to Plant Pathology lab. It was kind of a bittersweet moment because I know that I'm going to miss the people that I worked with in the Biochem lab but I am also excited and a bit nervous to finally be able to work with the people in Plant Path. Lucky for me, the adjustment went easy. As days went by, I get more and more comfortable working with my new lab mates. Two weeks ago, we even had a bonding activity outside the lab - an overnight swimming.

Speaking of swimming, my housemate and I make it a point to practice swimming once a week. We would go to a pool in downtown after work and swim for about two or three hours. In this area, the owners fill their pools with warm water. Warm water is definitely what I need after a hard day's work. Sometime in April, I also plan to enroll in a swimming class to fulfill my dream of becoming the next Michael Phelps... Haha just kidding! Actually I just want to master the different swimming strokes and develop a strong endurance.

I'm also doing some jogging/walking in the campus. Though I am not really a runner, it still feels good to go out there and exercise and breathe in fresh air. I used to jog either in the afternoon/evening after work or early morning of Saturday. Tomorrow me and lab mates are going to jog at 5:30 in the morning. It's quite early than my usual schedule but it's okay. And we're also planning to do biking.

I'll be welcoming Saturday with a very early morning jog so yeah, I guess I'd better sleep now.

Good night!

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