Sunday, March 29, 2015

Science Congress 2015

I never expected that I would be chosen as one of the judges at the Science Congress held last March 24, 2015, organized by my former high school. I am just grateful I was able to share my knowledge and, hopefully, inspire the students to pursue a career in the field of science.

with my former and the best teacher in Biology, Research, and Parasitology (in yellow shirt)

After 11 years, it was nice to be back again in the campus. It was so different when I was still a student and I can say the current students are so lucky they never experienced what we had to go through. We were one of the pioneer batches and the school was just at its beginning stages. When I was in third year, I remember on the first day of classes, we had to wake up at 3 am to fetch some water from the pump outside because there's no running water in the faucet. We also attended classes in makeshift classrooms made of of bamboos, plywood, and canvass sheet because the buildings were still under construction. We sprinkled water in the area where we sit in our classrooms because the flooring was made up of soil and during dry season, dry soil equates to a lot of dust. Those were the days!

former students with the Director and former teacher

Now, whenever I think of them, it really makes me proud because we survived all those things. It definitely made us stronger and more resilient individuals! The environment may not be perfect but everyone did their part to ensure that the mission and vision of the school was met.

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