Monday, June 1, 2015

PMCP 2015 (Day 3): Samal Island

The third day of the conference was spent island hopping in Samal island. I've been to Samal before but this was my first time exploring the different areas of the island. We went to several coves where one can see schools of fish and other marine organisms, corals, and reefs. Unfortunately, we didn't have an underwater camera. But then again, it's the experience that counts.

Excited and nervous at the same time... That's me when I was about to take a dip.

But I get the hang of it and I have to say I really began to enjoy being there, swimming and looking at the rich marine sanctuary.

We also went to the beach. It was noon time and as you can see (in the image below), the water was very, very calm.

The obligatory jump shot with the girls. Hihi! Good thing it only took two shots to capture this.

Posing with some posts. Yes, everyone had a moment with these structures.

The one thing that I really like with this beach is that a few walks away from the waters, you'll see some trees and the ground covered with green carpet.

Before returning to exploring coves, a group shot is definitely a must-have.

It was indeed a day well-spent. Even though I got a bit sunburned, it's nothing compared to all the fun and amazing underwater view that I saw and experienced.

Nature is definitely a lovely piece of creation!

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