Sunday, February 21, 2016

Saturday Shopping: (Semi) Faux Leather Jacket

So yesterday I went to SM Megamall. My main objective was to look for a dental clinic who performs TMJ xray. But after checking the clinics in the fifth floor and after finding my search to be unsuccessful, I just went to the other floors to check the shops. I actually miss window shopping. It's been almost two months of me being stuck in my apartment every weekend so I thought I would make the most of my time in SM Mega.

Come lunch time, I met up with Shayne. We ate at a Thai restuarant called Soi. It's got to be one of my favorite restos out there. And whenever I went to Soi (they also have branches in other malls), Tom yum goong (hot and sour Thai soup with shrimp) is my go-to! I love the distinct and rich flavor and how healthy that dish is.

So after having a full and satisfied stomach, we strolled and looked inside several shops. I said to myself I would only buy a cheap shirt or blouse. Then we came in front of Guess. Shayne saw that they were on sale. I've never been to Guess. I used to pass by their shops in other malls, primarily because I felt that their clothing doesn't fit with my style or fashion preference. Their style is more on the basic with an edge of sexiness. I, however, love simple, clean, sophisticated, ladylike pieces. Another reason is the price tag. Seriously, I would not buy something beyond P3,000 especially if they are just a pair of jeans or a jacket or some basic pieces. So guess what, I got a (semi) faux leather jacket! "Semi" because it's not entirely made of faux leather. The sleeves and the back part are made of fabric.

Even if I lived in South Korea for two years, I never bought a leather jacket. Ever. So it's kind of ironic that now that I'm here in the Philippines I would be buying something like that. Well, I actually like it! I like the fit and the fact that it is not made up of leather entirely. And here's the catch - it was on sale!!! From P5,598 ($119), I got it for only P1,699 ($36).

I'd probably not use it in the time being. But I'm hoping to use it if ever I go to a country with four seasons. I could use it in autumn or spring, partner it with a scarf, shirt, pants, and boots. Or with a dress. I actually have a lot of ideas in my mind already. Haha!

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