Friday, April 22, 2016


It's been a while since I made a list of things I wanted to do and I've been meaning to do this - thirty things to do before turning thirty. There's something special about turning 30 - entering a new era, welcoming a new decade. Well, it's pretty much like when I was entering my 20's when I was a teen but this time, I'm more matured and probably wiser. I hope so.

It's a list composed of random things. Some things I know I can accomplish but there are also some things that are kind of impossible to pursue within the next ten months. But I wrote it down anyway. So let's see what happens. *wink wink*

---First published on March 12, 2016---
---Updated as of March 26, 2016---
---Updated as of April 22, 2016---
  1. Travel solo
  2. Gain new friends
  3. Grow hair past my shoulders - 
    • Having wavy (sometimes frizzy) hair, I always put my hair in a pony tail but I decided to have it straightened/rebonded. And viola, it has become super straight and smooth and of course, a bit longer. It's length was literally past my shoulders. However, it only lasted for 10 days. I had it trimmed since I'm really not used to having long hair and it's summer right now. But then again, at least I was able to give it a try.
  4. Start a PhD
  5. Have a savings of $$$$$$
  6. Try speed dating Pay my credit card fully (0.00 Outstanding balance)
  7. Do yoga
  8. Give a surprise vacation for my parents mom
  9. Hug someone like there's no tomorrow
  10. Grow a plant - 
    • Got myself orchids (dancing lady) and tarragon herbs from the local fair.
  11. Go to the gym
  12. Reflect about my life while strolling at the beach
  13. Watch fireworks with a special someone
  14. Cook a dish
  15. Learn to drive
  16. Obtain a driver's license
  17. Meet an old friend(s) - 
    • I've been meeting my former housemates, college roommates, and best friend since the start of the year. It's really nice to take some time and catch up with them.
  18. Start investing in funds
  19. Get a tattoo
  20. Watch a musical
  21. Live in a new place
  22. Bake a bread or a pastry
  23. Sell Donate clothes
  24. Attend a music festival
  25. Be in love with someone who truly deserves it Have a pixie cut and color change
  26. Get a new layout and theme for my blog
  27. Pursue some artistic endeavors
  28. Donate to charity
  29. Walk down the aisle (uhm this is probably impossible at the moment but let's see)
  30. Celebrate my birthday and have number balloons like the picture below but in big "3" and "0" instead

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