Thursday, January 5, 2017

Supposed to be posted on January 3

Today is the third day of the year. It also marks the end of my holiday vacation at home for tomorrow I will be traveling back to Los Baños where I work. For me, every vacation means spending time with family but the hardest part is leaving again. But, such is life my friend. I feel sad but I don't want to be overcome by it. Okay, so before I start being too emotional, let's move on to other things. Let's talk about my favorite topic, that is -- how time flies.

Last time I check it was 2016 and now, we're in 2017. With the new year comes several resolutions in different aspects of our lives. But I don't want to do that this year. I actually don't want to expect much. I felt tired with my last year's major goal (which up to now is still hanging in the air) so I just don't want to pressure myself too much this year. I just want to take things slow and easy. I just want to live in the moment. 

One thing that I would love to do this year though is to focus on my health. Hopefully I could eat healthy and nutritious food more often and avoid skipping meals during the weekends. I also would like to exercise more and to be able to continue swimming. Gosh, I definitely miss swimming! I also would like to have a consultation with an OB/GYN because every time I have my period, for the last 12 years, I always have dysmenorrhea during the first day. I take pain relievers but I think now is the time to really see what's wrong. There's probably a hormonal imbalance but hopefully nothing serious. Also, I'd like to have a good state of mind, free from emotional clutter. And now that I'm getting older (I'll be turning thirty tomorrow by the way), I want to avoid being aggressive when it comes to dealing with unsuitable situation and people. I am hot-tempered and sometimes I can't control that so hopefully, this year, I would be able to minimize the damage. So yeah, that's all. 

Happy New Year guys!
Throwback to spending Christmas with family and relatives in 2016. Oh, hello self-timer!

My 95 year-old grandma

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