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I want to have a dSLR. And since I'm not a professional photographer, I think an entry-level dSLR would do. I specifically like the Nikon D3000. Or something in between a point-and-shoot and dSLR. Well, it really belongs to the point-and-shoot family but with added manual settings just like a dSLR. A perfect example is the Canon Powershot S90. Besides its amazing features, another thing I love about this camera is it's pocketable body. I can definitely bring it anywhere I go!

For the skin care department, I'm craving for FACE hydrating balancing cream (since I have a combination skin), MAC prep & prime, MAC concealer and MAC 195 concealer brush. I want to have a locket necklace! I already have a red handbag, now I like to have a black one.

It felt like my night

I noticed I haven't posted any pictures of myself here yet, well, except for my profile pic which always reminds me of that wonderful event that I've attended. It was my cousin's debut last May 8 at the Edsa Shangri-La Hotel. Actually it was my first time to attend such thing because I myself hadn't experience one. As I remember, I celebrated my 18th birthday with my family in our house. My mom bought me a chocolate cake roll (yum! my favorite!). We had dinner, then we ate the cake. It was very simple - no 18 roses, no ball dance - but it was very special because I'm with the people I loved.
When I attended my cousin's debut, I felt like I'm also a debutante (even though I'm already 23). The theme of her party was Hollywood fashion glam. And I was one of the 18 Fashion galores. It's my first time so I was really clueless - what to wear, what gift to buy, etc. Good thing there's the internet! At first I was opting for a long gown, but I changed …

A Confused Being

A particular incident yesterday had left me contemplating on my life - on the decisions I have to make and on the path I have to take.

I may be good at analyzing things but when it comes to making conclusions, I always have a hard time. I want to play it safe. I do take risks but as much as possible, I don't want to take that much risk because I'm not sure if it will all be worth my brave act. But as they say, life is about taking risks. And I have my life right now. But where do I start?

A collegue told me that if I want to do something, do it for the right reasons. If everybody is taking graduate school in a different country, it doesn't mean that you must take it too. If most of your batchmates are in medical school, and you feel you're already left out, it doesn't mean that you need to study medicine too. I know she's right. But I also know that deep in my heart, I want to do those two important things because those are my dreams. Those have always been...

Ladies in Vogue

I'm following quite a number of blogs already, most of them being fashion/style bloggers. I so love their sites! I've been looking frequently at the pictures they've posted. It makes my day a lot less boring and it also gives me an idea on the styles of different people in different parts of the world. Here they are:

keiko lynn

district of chic

wish wish wish

the clothes horse

Everytime I read their blogs, I get inspired and it makes me want to create my own too. How I wish! But first things first, I need to invest in some basic stuff - and that would be a digicam and of course some outfits. (Need to work hard for my first ever digicam! Haha!)

Whether you like it or not, you are melancholy phlegmatic

Last Friday, I took a personality test and the results showed that I'm Melancholy Phlegmatic. Below is a figure that describes the different types of personality.

As much as I wanted to be Sanguine Phlegmatic, I'm really on the opposite side of the coin - Melancholy Phlegmatic. It is true. And if I'm going to further dissect it, Melancholic dominated my nature.
Quiet, Unsociable: I think, ever since I was born, I'm already an introvert. I'm not a people person. If you put me in a place with strangers, don't expect I'd say hello and introduce myself first. I can stand there and not talk to anybody at all.
Reserved: I also don't easily open up to other people. I only trust people who are worthy of my trust.
Pessimistic:Sometimes, I think the letter P in my name stands for pessimistic. If a particular situation arises, I'm already thinking about the pros and cons...and more of the cons. I want to be sure that if the negative side happens, I'm prepar…