Friday, July 23, 2010

It felt like my night

I noticed I haven't posted any pictures of myself here yet, well, except for my profile pic which always reminds me of that wonderful event that I've attended. It was my cousin's debut last May 8 at the Edsa Shangri-La Hotel. Actually it was my first time to attend such thing because I myself hadn't experience one. As I remember, I celebrated my 18th birthday with my family in our house. My mom bought me a chocolate cake roll (yum! my favorite!). We had dinner, then we ate the cake. It was very simple - no 18 roses, no ball dance - but it was very special because I'm with the people I loved.

When I attended my cousin's debut, I felt like I'm also a debutante (even though I'm already 23). The theme of her party was Hollywood fashion glam. And I was one of the 18 Fashion galores. It's my first time so I was really clueless - what to wear, what gift to buy, etc. Good thing there's the internet! At first I was opting for a long gown, but I changed my mind. I realized I want something with a youthful vibe. So there, after several days of browsing, I finally got the dress that I like. I found a beautiful ruffled, yellow dress!

I went to a seamstress to have it made. But she said that the color was too bright and she didn't have a yellow cloth so we decided to have a fuchsia and black combo. And I loved it! She used a somewhat shiny fuchsia cloth and added some ruffles at the top since I'm not used to wearing tube tops. The bottom part consisted of black electric pleated cloth which I adore. (I'm only using my phone in taking pictures so the details of the black cloth cannot be seen here)
dress - CHECK☺

For my gift, since my cousin is a fashionista I was thinking of a bag or something related to fashion. And a picture mosaic for an added personal touch. Good thing I found an application in the net for that. Then, I went to the shops to look for a gift but I couldn't find one because I'm not sure if she'll like it or not. I also looked for my accessories and found my dream bracelet in Aldo. I've already seen it in a magazine and it's like love at first sight! I bought it even though it's quite expensive. I also bought a cute headband that can also be used as a necklace, another cute pink headband, black CMG purse, and black stiletto sandals. At the end of the day, I still didn't have a gift for her. My friend told me that I can give the bracelet as a gift. She said it's fashionable anyway. Well, she got a point. So there, even if it's my dream bracelet, I settled for her suggestion and told myself I'll just buy another one for me someday.
ALDO bracelet and picture mosaic
pink, floral gift box

gift - CHECK ☺

The day finally arrived. People were clad in adorable outfits: ladies in gowns and dresses, gentlemen in coat and tie. The place was well-decorated. The program consisted of a ball dance wherein each of the 18 gentlemen gave a rose to the debutante and danced with her, a heartwarming message was given by the family, sumptuous dinner, 18 toast of wishes by her friends and relatives, 18 fashion galores consisting of 18 ladies modeling in the runway then getting a small fondue cake with candle which the debutante would blow, the debutante's thank you message, and the party.

Here are some of the pics:

me in my dress

with the debutante

my turn to walk in the red carpet (so nervous)

almost there, whew!

candle blowing (the little cakes are so adorable)

with my relatives

 It was truly a wonderful and glamorous night! And it felt like my night. =)

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