Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Meet Rafe Batholomew

Today, while browsing some news at to update myself about the inauguration of President Noynoy Aquino, I happen to read another news regarding an American author promoting his book using the Filipino language. Being a curious individual, I watched the video and surprisingly, I find it quite good (the way he speaks Filipino). He's Rafe Bartholomew and his work is entitled, Pacific Rims, which is about the world of Philippine basketball. To be honest, I'm not into basketball or to any sports (poor me) but what makes me interested to this person is the way he speaks my language. Yes, my very own language. Suddenly, several questions popped in my mind. How did he learn it? Is he half Filipino? Probably his mother, who is a Filipina, is the one that taught him. And like what most people do, I googled his name (hello stalker) and tarah, I came upon his blog, ManilaVanilla. I've read that he's born in New York and went to the Philippines as a Fulbright scholar. My hypotheses were all wrong- he's not half Filipino and therefore his mother is not Filipina and that she didn't taught him the language. I also learned that he stayed here in the Phillippines for three years. And I think, he's really a fast learner because in just a span of three years he's able to speak the local language clearly. Below is his interview in TFC Balitang America.

It always fascinates me whenever I see people speaking a language different from their own. Rafe Bartholomew is no exception.


libys11 said...

omg!! ive read about him!!! he's one amazing dude to be passionate about our country and basketball!! i really find him amusing! :D

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pam☆ said...

Yup! He's one amazing dude! If we meet him someday, I'd really talk to him in Filipino.=)

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