Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Whether you like it or not, you are melancholy phlegmatic

Last Friday, I took a personality test and the results showed that I'm Melancholy Phlegmatic. Below is a figure that describes the different types of personality.

As much as I wanted to be Sanguine Phlegmatic, I'm really on the opposite side of the coin - Melancholy Phlegmatic. It is true. And if I'm going to further dissect it, Melancholic dominated my nature.
Quiet, Unsociable: I think, ever since I was born, I'm already an introvert. I'm not a people person. If you put me in a place with strangers, don't expect I'd say hello and introduce myself first. I can stand there and not talk to anybody at all.
Reserved: I also don't easily open up to other people. I only trust people who are worthy of my trust.
Pessimistic: Sometimes, I think the letter P in my name stands for pessimistic. If a particular situation arises, I'm already thinking about the pros and cons...and more of the cons. I want to be sure that if the negative side happens, I'm prepared for it. I should be prepared.
Anxious: And A is for anxious. Which is also explained by the above statements. If I think of negative thoughts, then comes anxiety.
Moody: And M is for moody. Even the slightest of stimuli can change my mood. If I wake up with a smile on my face, I can spend the whole day annoyed and angry to someone or something. One easily sees it. And I cannot pretend I'm in good mood if I'm not. I'm not a hypocrite.
Sober, Rigid: FYI, the word sober used here doesn't necessarily equate to a state of being not drunk and rigid as to being stiff. Sober - meaning marked by seriousness, gravity, or solemnity of conduct or character. Rigid - meaning the act of being strict.
I may be an introvert. My mood is probably unstable. I may be a melancholic being. But I stick to rules. And I have rules on my own. So don't dare mess with me. (Right now, I'm really in a terrible mood.)
--next time I'll dissect my phlegmatic nature

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