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Overhaul, In Need

My oh my! It seems like ages since I last wrote here! I am actually planning for an overhaul but I just can't find time and I still need to learn the how-to's in editing html and customizing the theme and layout of this blog to my own preference (not really a computer geek girl and I already forgot all those I learned in high school about programming, tsk tsk). I'm guessing it'll take me a long time to be able to accomplish my dream overhaul. I love reading other blogs and I was like, "How did they do that?!? Their blogs are so beautiful, so unique...but me, I'm using the same old blogger template." Okay, so I just want to make this blog like my home, like everything is so me. Sometimes I wanted to shift to other blog sites but I just can't leave everything behind here. It's been more than a year already and every single thing written here has been part of my life. Thus, the dream overhaul/redesigning. Anyway, I still don't know when because I…

Red Cape♥

Capes and lace dresses have been in the fashion scene these past few months and I do think they’re those kind of pieces that are classy and romantic. I've also seen a lot of fashion bloggers donning them. And they have become one of my must -buy-items. When I finally got them, I never intended to pair them because I was planning to wear the lace dress if there comes a special dinner or event. But last minute decision yesterday led me to wear the black lace dress with the cape. And even though it’s quite cold, the cape really gave good coverage and warmth. I just love the combination and I feel like that girl we call Little Red Riding Hood.

By the way, Happy Solnal everyone! 

Note: Solnal is the celebration of lunar new year here in Korea.

Blogger favorite: eat.sleep.wear.

This morning while I was browsing the net, I discovered that one of my favorite fashion bloggers replied to my comment. And I think I just have to copy and paste the thread here as a remembrance. Call me sentimental or whatever, but it's just happiness! By the way, if you're into fashion or just want to update yourself about some trends in fashion, I recommend you visit her site, eat.sleep.wear.
Below is the picture of her in the post in which I left a comment.

Friday the 13th

Yesterday was Friday the 13th and when you say Friday the 13th, it is always associated with bad luck. But since I was in zombie-mode, it slipped in my mind. I had my report for our lab meeting in the morning. Being the crammer that I am, I did my power point presentation the night before and just slept for two hours (resulting to a condition I refer to as zombie-mode). But thank God everything went well and I got a good feedback. The prof said it was better compared to the last one. I know, I know, the last one was really bad.  Anyway, there are still some corrections and lots of things to be done in my experiment. I just hope and pray that I'll get good results.

So I completely forgot about Friday the 13th...until afternoon came. Yes, I got my bad luck. The prof was asking about something in the experiment and I just don't know how or where to get the answer. And I think he was disappointed. But since I really can't find the data, he just told me to pass it on Monday. Eve…

This too shall pass

Something has been bugging me lately. But I do hope that, This too shall pass.

P.S. I guess I just have to remind myself to Keep Calm & Carry On and move on with my life and forget about 'it' and just focus/prepare for the coming lab meeting on Friday (must do good to redeem myself).

First snowfall on the first day of 2012

I spent New Year's eve with my family thru Gmail video chat. Even though we're oceans apart, it's like we're just a computer screen away (thank you, internet!). And this afternoon, after going to church, an unexpected thing happened. While walking in downtown, I noticed some white thing falling from out of nowhere. I thought maybe those were just small flowers. But, flowers in the winter?!? Or maybe just some dirt. But then, I realized the answer. Weeeee! My first ever snowfall experience! I never expected it would happen today, January 1, 2012. Before, I used to only see it in the movies because living in a tropical country like the Philippines will never allow one to experience winter. But now, it's like a dream come true seeing snow! Definitely, happiness!♥

The past year had been a great year for me. It's like a roller coaster ride - with ups and downs, and some unexpected turns. But I'm very thankful to God for being there for me all these years, for no…