Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas in a foreign land

How does it feel to celebrate Christmas in a place far from home, from family, friends, and relatives? It's definitely a sad one but Christmas should not be spent in such manner. Everyone deserves to be happy on Christmas.

This is my first Christmas in a foreign land. I was expecting all the merriment this holiday brings but reality check, I am in Korea. Since people here are not mostly Christians or Catholics, Christmas is not a big thing. Unlike in the Philippines, the start of the -ber months (from October) means the start of the most wonderful time of the year. Come December, Christmas decorations are already everywhere, Christmas songs are being played in shops and malls, and people are all in rush buying presents for their family and friends. I just missed the Christmas spirit back home.

But even though I'm far away from home, it doesn't mean I'll just treat Christmas like a usual, normal day. Together with other Filipino KNU students, we celebrated Christmas on a Friday night with a blast! First, we had some dinner in downtown. It's nice to just sit there, eat good food, and have a good laugh catching up with each other's lives. You see, Filipinos just love kwentos.

Then, we headed to a norebang ("nore"-music, "bang"-room). Koreans love singing and norebangs are just spread out everywhere. I must say the norebang where we went is the most beautiful norebang I've been so far. It's a bit pricey but the place is clean, spacious, and modern. I just love everything about it! And they also have a receiving area with lots of stuffed toys! I just couldn't help but take more photos!

And they even have a special event's room! I super love that one! It has a dreamy atmosphere, with colorful balloons on the ceiling, a pink wall with cute animal wallpaper, teddy bear stuffed toys, and a dim light giving a romantic glow.

What a better way to capture it’s beauty than posing with a special someone, err, dear friend. Haha! Yes, he’s my dear friend.

Inside the norebang, everyone was having a good time - dancing and singing. And even me (who don't really sing), I just couldn't help but sing my heart out. Haha!

After the singin' and dancin', we played some games (a relay game and the ever famous Pinoy Henyo) and of course, what's a Christmas party without gift giving? I gave a cap as a gift and received scarves from the one who got my name. Such a great night indeed! Hope you all had a Merry Christmas!

P.S. I just learned an important lesson, that whatever situation/circumstance you're in, don't let it hinder you from being happy.


Jo said...

Ohh, the skirt is beautiful! <3 and I love love love the print of your top!

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pamella said...

thank you so much! by the way, happy new year! =)

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