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Droppin' by

Ugh my posts are kind of a mess lately. I was actually planning to have an organize set/series of posts (eg. beauty/skincare series for a week or a month, then fashion, then some inspirational quotes or something) but unfortunately what's happening is the total opposite. Maybe there's just a lot of things going on in my head and around me and I just don't have time to organize them all. Whatever I feel for a particular day, I just write it down and post it. What goes around, comes around. Anyway, I just want to drop by here today. I have a looming deadline for my manuscript. So yeah, I better get working!

No more time to waste 

#second chances #make the most of it

*even shut off FB, will get back to it once everything's A-ok

Since Christmas Is Just Around The Corner


Ramblings & Paranoia

must submit the revised manuscript on Thursday but up to now I still haven't figured out/started the revisionssomeone told me that I am so thin and I told her I was so stressed with my thesis defense and manuscript. You know, lack of sleep and unhealthy eating habits. The comment lingered in my mind for days, until now, and paranoia struck hands and arms seem so thin (well, they are really thin even before and I like them but having a double look at them now, they look so freakin' thin) which is making me all the more paranoid and makes me think that I have some sort of disease. I already have a diagnosis for myself, googled the suspected disease but I will not tell it here because it'll just make me a lot more paranoid.since I am a paranoid kid now, I cannot focus on other things, even with the urgent manuscript submissionbottom line: stressed out me once again=(
God, please help me. Please don't let me have that disease. Please let me concentrate on working with…

Breaking Dawn Part 2

Finally, I get to see Breaking Dawn Part 2. The previous installments, I just watched them in my laptop but the final film, well since it's the last one, I decided to stash some cash and watch it in the big screen. And I must say, it's all worth it! It's definitely a wonderful and heartfelt movie. Aside from the fact that The Twilight Saga's central theme is Bella and Edward's love story, in the final film it's not just about their love for each other anymore, it's also about their love for their daughter, Renesmee. Bella, Edward, Jacob who has imprinted on Renesmee, the Cullens, and the other vampires have one goal -  to prove that Renesmee is not an immortal. All of them plus the wolf pack are prepared to fight and risk their lives to make sure that Renesmee will live.

At the end, Alice has seen the future of Jacob and Renesmee, them being together. Seriously, I feel like I wanted to see how their love story unfolds (another movie please?). Bella then sh…

Dreaming Of The Holidays...In This Dress

The holidays are just around the corner. And this simple and classy dress paired with gold strap sandals is just perfect for the coming dinners and parties with family and friends. Can somebody please give me this gorgeous dress as a Christmas gift? Please? Hmm, wishful thinking?!? Or maybe Santa can drop this at my door. That would be wonderful!☆

'Tis The Season To Be Sparkly

♫  Fa la la la la  ♪ ♫ ♪   la la la la  ♪ 

Beauty and Skin Care Journey

Admit or not, every girl has something to say about how she looks. Every girl has an opinion on what beauty means and all other things that are associated with it. Every girl has her own journey when it comes to beauty and skin care.

Well, here's my journey.

Going back in time
When I was in high school, acne started to invade my face. That's the time I started using skin care products. I used Pond's, Eskinol, Clean and Clear, and many other products which I saw in TV that promises to clear your skin of pimples. But unfortunately, nothing worked for me. So, I just went back to my regular soap, Safeguard. When I entered the university, unlike other female students, I was never the type who would buy lots and lots of beauty products and make-up simply because I know that they just don't work for me. And due to my hectic schedule, I just didn't have time to prettify myself so I just went to my classes with a face powder and a lip balm on. Those were the only products th…

Thesis defense, you're done!

After several days of preparation and cramming and praying...
three consecutive nights of sleeping at 4 or 5 or 6 in the morning...
two cups of  mocha caramel & vanilla frappe and tons of instant coffee mix...

finally my THESIS DEFENSE is over! Hooray!
(insert big smiley)

I am so grateful, first and foremost, to God for giving me the wisdom and the courage; to my family for never failing to encourage and support me (suddenly remembered those skype sessions we had while I was in the lab for my "all-nighter-moments"); to my friends who wished me good luck; and, of course, to my professor and senior for guiding and helping me in my experiments (though we had difficult and trying times in the lab). Thank you, thank you very much!
One down, one more to go. Last one. Hello manus-writing-mode!
From now own, I will stand up for my right. 


Zara velvet slippers with embroidered mustache

Last Weekend: On Being an Emo

12:42 AM. Yes, I am writing this entry at the most convenient time and place - past midnight, straight from the laboratory. These days, I am spending most of my time (well, most of my life literally) here in the lab. I just go back to my apartment to eat lunch and dinner and to sleep. So now, since I am still waiting for the incubation of my samples, might as well be productive and write a post. So yeah, after attending the Jeju conference, my life was back to normal, well, except for one thing: I noticed that I am in hot water with the people here in the lab. I just didn't know what exactly is the reason. Maybe because of my mistakes, which seemed like really blown into something big. And then, I get those raising of voice scenario. I wanted to answer back like this, "Raising your voice would not help, seriously." But of course, I didn't do it. I just told myself that it's only gonna be a short time, just be patient and be calm in front of them. There's this…