Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Last Weekend: On Being an Emo

12:42 AM. Yes, I am writing this entry at the most convenient time and place - past midnight, straight from the laboratory. These days, I am spending most of my time (well, most of my life literally) here in the lab. I just go back to my apartment to eat lunch and dinner and to sleep. So now, since I am still waiting for the incubation of my samples, might as well be productive and write a post. So yeah, after attending the Jeju conference, my life was back to normal, well, except for one thing: I noticed that I am in hot water with the people here in the lab. I just didn't know what exactly is the reason. Maybe because of my mistakes, which seemed like really blown into something big. And then, I get those raising of voice scenario. I wanted to answer back like this, "Raising your voice would not help, seriously." But of course, I didn't do it. I just told myself that it's only gonna be a short time, just be patient and be calm in front of them. There's this point, I think it happened last Friday, that I wanted to cry but I gathered all my strength not to show my emotions. I really don't want them to see that I'm so affected emotionally on the way they're treating me.This is not to say that they're so bad or something (maybe a little, haha!) but probably times like this just happen. However, I should say my situation right now, it still has a good effect on me though by making me more and more focus on my experiments. I'm just putting all my energy in my experiments because, honestly, it's easier than dealing with people.

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