Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Ramblings & Paranoia

  • must submit the revised manuscript on Thursday but up to now I still haven't figured out/started the revisions
  • someone told me that I am so thin and I told her I was so stressed with my thesis defense and manuscript. You know, lack of sleep and unhealthy eating habits. The comment lingered in my mind for days, until now, and paranoia struck me.
  • my hands and arms seem so thin (well, they are really thin even before and I like them but having a double look at them now, they look so freakin' thin) which is making me all the more paranoid and makes me think that I have some sort of disease. I already have a diagnosis for myself, googled the suspected disease but I will not tell it here because it'll just make me a lot more paranoid.
  • since I am a paranoid kid now, I cannot focus on other things, even with the urgent manuscript submission
  • bottom line: stressed out me once again=(

God, please help me. Please don't let me have that disease. Please let me concentrate on working with my manus. Amen.

P.S. Since I am so paranoid and skeptical now, I also looked at pictures in the internet of skinny arms and hands and realized that I am not the only one experiencing it (refer to this thread). And I've also seen some models with skinny arms and hands... Oh, but of course, they are models! So maybe I can just be a model. So maybe my arms can have a modelling career then. Hehe! Just kidding. I just need to lighten up my situation.
I can see my arms and hands in hers.
 (image from Current/Elliott)

Based on the thread that I read, I think I really should focus on gaining weight. I don't want to be so big, I just want to have a normal and healthy body. I also don't want to have big arms and hands. Again, I should say that I like my arms and hands but some people (and now, I also) think that they look unhealthy so better start doing the necessary thing: LIVE A HEALTHY LIFE!

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