Monday, August 16, 2010

Dear You


Dear You,

Waiting for someone you haven’t met yet is like receiving a gift wherein you don’t know what’s inside. Waiting for you is full of uncertainty but one thing certain is that you are worth the wait. And I hope that you are also waiting for me.

Sometimes, I see someone in my dreams. He’s holding my hands but I can’t see his face. I’m not sure if it is you but it doesn’t matter. What matters is the moment that we will meet each other. Before I used to imagine what it would be like but I learned that it would be better if I just let it be a mystery, a mystery that will unfold at the right time.

I just hope that you are also living your life to the fullest right now, that you are enjoying it as much as I do. I hope that you are living your dreams. I hope that you are also walking with God. I hope and pray that you will be the man deserving of my love and that I will be the woman deserving of your love. I hope that when we meet and known each other, we will not be afraid to show how much we love each other. Because love should not be kept to one’s self. I hope that someday we’ll get married and have kids. I hope that we would raise them well. I hope that they’ll also live their dreams. And finally, I hope that we’ll grow old together, with as much love as when we first met. Because even though people grow old, they should never grow tired of loving.

-From the one who's been waiting for you all these years


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