Monday, August 23, 2010

Glee, you had me at hello

Yesterday was the day I started watching glee. Yes, I know I'm one year and three months late. Probably, the whole time it was airing on tv, I was so busy I didn't even bother look at it. I've heard about it before though. People were posting some stuff in facebook, twitter, and other networking sites (read: glee craze). But as usual, I just didn't mind them. But for some reason, I got a copy of season 1. And then suddenly, I found myself lying in bed, staring in front of my laptop, watching the first episode, then the second, then the third, then the fourth...up to the eleventh episode at two in the morning. I wanted to finish it but I needed to wake up early because of work. So there, 11 down and I just couldn't wait to watch the next 11 episodes! I guess, glee, you had me at hello. =)


Note: I think I'm really a certified late bloomer. Well, better late than never. hehe!

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