Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Nikon's newest baby

OMG! I found it - my dream dslr!

Just minutes ago, while I was browsing the net, I found a trending topic in yahoo and came upon the Nikon D3100. An article describes it as the first dslr with real video autofocus. Well, I'm not really after the video recording, but hey, having that feature in a camera is a super big bonus already! And it has Live View shooting (which is absent in its predecessor, the D3000). And guess what? The D3100 is only $700 (not that I have that kind of money at the moment but comparing it's price and jam-packed features to other dslrs, it's a very good deal already). For further info, read on at the nikon usa website and gizmodo.

all photos come from the nikon website

I can't wait to have this in the palm of my hands! I'll definitely save up for this! And I'll have you soon!

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