Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Fun, fun, fun!

As what I've said in my previous post about the holidays, I would be attending four christmas parties. Yes four parties! It sounds a lot (well, for me it is) but parties are really everywhere at this time of the year. Last Monday we had our lab christmas party. Everyone was there, from our bosses to our technicians, and they actively participated in the games. It was so much fun! And it's like a break from our usual work days. We just enjoyed the moment.

MBL (Molecular Breeding Lab) Group 2010

Of course, in every event, picture taking is necessary. Haha! Me and my friends just took the opportunity to have our pictures taken. Oh and we even agreed to dress up and be girly (something we don't usually do). I wore a dress which I'm fond to call as my 'spring dress' because of it's bright colors and comfy feel. Well, it's simple cut and design makes it like a dress from the past, which I really adore.

We had this game called 'Pinoy Henyo' wherein one person is going to guess a word by asking his partner questions answerable only by a Yes or No or Maybe. It's principle is based on deductive reasoning. One should focus first on the general questions, then narrow it down based on the answers until he's able to guess what is the object or word. The funny thing is, the word is just above their head, they just couldn't see what it is.

Our bosses were the ones who guessed the words related to our work and most of them got the answers while others missed the correct one. Anyhow, I'm proud to each one of them. And it's nice to know that they're really active and very enthusiastic during the game.

And the winner was none other than me and Dr. Krishna. Haha! It took him only 4 seconds to guess the word! C'mon! Even I couldn't believe it. And looking at the pictures below, at first I was choosing the word then the next thing I know after asking one question, he got the answer already.

Then, we had another game. This one is famous all over the world. It's called trip to Jerusalem. A group of people will turn around the chairs while dancing, when the music stops, they should sit on the chairs and there'll be one who will not be able to sit because the number of chairs is always one less than the number of people. That person will be out of the game. It will be played until only there is one chair left and two remaining people. The winner will be the one who'll be able to sit on that chair.

The participants were the bosses, post docs, and scholars. It was fun watching them - dancing to the beat, sitting on whichever chair as long as they'll be able to sit --> dancing while looking at which chair they're planning to sit --> not dancing to the beat because all they ever cared for was to be able to sit. Haha! ☺

I would like to share this favorite shot I took, Dr. Sigrid with her daughter. It was such a precious moment of a mother and child.

In this party, it's our first time to have amazing prizes in our raffle draw. And I never expected I would be winning something because eversince, I know that I'm not lucky in raffles. My name was called and I got a microwave oven. OMG! The first thing that came into my mind was, "Is this for real?" Of all the people, I was the chosen one. Haha! Up to now, I still couldn't believe it.

As a conclusion, I would like to say that it was the best party we've ever had in our lab. Is it because I won in a game and I got a microwave? Haha! Well, well, well, it's more than that. Everyone was there. Everyone did their part in bringing whatever food they're assigned to bring. The participants of the games were very active, the're like "Just bring it on!" Each and everyone had a smile painted on their faces. It was just all about having a great and enjoyable time.

Molecular Breeding Laboratory Christmas Party 2010


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