Monday, December 20, 2010

Cowboys and Well-Wishes

I'll be going home in just a few days! Wow finally! After almost 8 months! But before that, I'll be taking this opportunity to post something while I still have internet connection because for sure I will not be able to do it during christmas vacation. So here it goes. We had our division party last Friday and it was cowboy and barrio themed. Of course, me and my colleagues chose the easier option, which is to dress up like a cowboy, err, cowgirl.

I just wore a simple outfit: brown tank top layered with plaid shirt, jeans, booties (I know this is not a cowboy boots and is better off paired with a dress but I think this will do. Haha, don't want to burden myself in finding some boots), and the most important of all, the signature of a cowboy outfit- the cowboy hat.

Of course, as usual, we had picture taking galore! While waiting for the party to start, me and my friends never failed to pose infront of the camera. Haha! We even went outside to do some modeling. Nah, just some silly poses.

Our division consisted of different groups and laboratories. I will always be thankful for being in the Submergence group. I'm very lucky to have great bosses and very competent colleagues.

Our boss, Dr. Mackill, will be leaving next year. So I took the opportunity to have a picture with him. I'm proud to say that I'm standing beside a world-renowned plant breeder. Someday I want to be like him.

Another brilliant scientist that will be leaving next year is Dr. Brar. Whenever there's a presentation or a seminar, expect that He's the first one to ask questions that will really let you dig down deeper and let you think out-of-the-box.

This year has been a great one indeed! I'm very grateful for all the blessings God has given me: good health, a loving and supportive family, a work that I really enjoy doing, reliable and trustworthy colleagues and friends, and so much more. It's one amazing life! And I hope that next year will be a wondeful ride too! I'm hoping for the best!

To everyone, may you have a...
and a WONDERFUL LIFE ahead of you!

Having a great and wonderful life doesn't mean that one should just sit there and wait for the best things to happen. No, it's never like that. Having a great life means doing your best and doing the things you are passionate of. And it also requires something very essential: hardwork.

"There is no substitute for hardwork." -DS Brar

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