Saturday, August 13, 2011

Boyfriend blazer please?

Yes, I am currently into boyfriend blazers!

A boyfriend blazer has a different cut from the usual, sharp tailored ones. It doesn't hug the body instead it gives a roomy space for other clothing layered beneath it. It is a chic and stylish piece. I totally love how it transforms a simple outfit into a sophisticated, classy look (the picture below is a perfect example) or the other way around, giving a cool laid-back vibe to a somewhat formal attire.

Lately, I've been prowling the internet in search of the perfect perfect boyfriend blazer. And look what I've just found, lots of lovely bloggers wearing their amazing boyfriend blazers! And they all look great in it! They styled it differently and the outcome? Well, need I say more? They're definitely chic in their own way.



po mojej stronie lustra


I also stumbled upon this picture of Amanda Seyfried in a black, bejewelled blazer by Viktor and Rolf. Gosh, she looks so gorgeous! Who would have thought a basic tank top and satin shorts when paired with embellished blazer and peep-toe pumps would be this fabulous and classy? Even her hair and make-up and pose perfectly complement her outfit.

Ah, sooner or later, I'll have you. -to boyfriend blazer, with love


Shayne said...

wow girl, high fashion, bagay, matangkad ka eh.. para sa mga petite nga na medyo chubby ang hanapin mong styles..haha

pamella said...

hi shayne! sige i'll look for that.

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