Monday, August 15, 2011

Sunday Funday at Herb Hillz

After a grueling week of laboratory works and reporting, finally I got to reward myself with a trip to Herb Hillz Park! From Downtown Daegu, we rode the Geub haeng 2 bus. The trip should only take about 40 minutes but due to traffic, it took us more than an hour. On our way, we saw a sign stating that Herb Hillz is 1km away, but since we didn't know where the bus stop is specifically, we just estimated the distance. We thought maybe 2 more stops to go but suddenly many people were already getting off the bus. We asked one lady where the Herb Hillz bus stop is and she said we're already there. Asking questions definitely helps.

We arrived at past 2 and bought some tickets which cost 8,000 won per person. There are different types of tickets depending on what package you'd like to have. The more expensive ones consist of zip lining and other outdoor activities. Maybe next time we'll try that but at the moment, we chose to explore first the area by just walking around.

Since we're kind of tired from the trip, we decided to take a short rest by having a papingsu, which consists of crushed ice, sweetened red bean paste, cornflakes, condensed milk, topped with ice cream.

After that, we started to explore the park. And who would have thought a beautiful place like that exists in the mountains?!? At the entrance, one will be greeted by the rows of temperate trees. Growing up in a tropical country, I am not used to seeing temperate trees so I was like, Wow! I only see these in pictures.

At the sides are some fun rides for children, such as carousel, bumper cars, etc. There are also some cute cute shops selling herb products and a variety of souvenir items.

I must say, it's REALLY a WONDERFUL place. It's perfect for having bonding time with family and friends.

I already posted so many pictures but these are nothing compared to the total pictures that we got, a whopping 364 photos! I'll be having a second entry regarding our Herb Hillz trip, a continuation for this one, next time. As for now, I need to start reading (again) a journal and edit a paper. Okay back to my normal life. By the way, for more information about the Herb Hillz Park, please click here.

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