Friday, August 5, 2011

Hard times

I can't help it, I told myself I wouldn't be writing here until I'm done with my presentation, but then here I am. My presentation will be in a few days, on Tuesday to be exact. And I haven't started yet making the powerpoint slides. I still need to read some journals. Grrrr! And I'm stuck with it. I've been reading since Wednesday, but I haven't moved on with the first journal. That always happens to me. And now, I hate reading journals - those long, scientific articles, which will make your nose bleed for the fact that they contain very, very, VERY technical terms. (pause, inhale, exhale) Well, I suppose you will say, You're in the Sciences, so expect to encounter those scientific journals. Yes, I know, I know. Actually it's amazing to be able to learn the recent studies and advances in my field, but sometimes I just feel so fed up, I'm having information overload already! Haaay, the life of a graduate student, the life of a future scientist. Well, there are also those times that I ask myself, Will you be a good scientist? Do you really want to be a scientist in the first place? Do you? There are times that I can confidently answer with a yes, but there are also times that I think of my other dream. You probably know it already if you've read  my old posts. And if I continue discussing my other dream, it will be another one of my never ending ramblings. So I'll just spare you with it.

Other things happening in my life:
I registered for the August swimming lessons even if I'm the only foreigner in our class. I was expecting to have the same swimming instructor but to my surprise there's a new one. I wanted to back out, but I was already there so I just continued. But as of now, I'm not having a good performance. Freestyle is still difficult for me. Back float while kicking is also hard. WHY IS EVERYTHING SO HARD?!? 

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