Monday, September 26, 2011

Everything that is ZARA is ♥

So this morning, I once again explored the shops in downtown Daegu and there's no better way to start it off by visiting my most favorite shop, ZARA. I just love everything that is Zara. I usually go there at 12 noon. I think that's the best time for me since there are only a few people so I can really walk in every part of the shop and check every item that caught my eye. Since it's the start of fall season already, everything just screams FALL Fashion. (I forgot to bring my camera so the following photos were taken using my phone. Sorry for the poor picture quality.)

When the coast was clear, I tried to steal a picture of myself in the mirror. Haha!

There are four things that caught my eye...and captured my heart! But I'll just post only three since I can't find the picture of my favorite knitted dress.

1. teal, pleated scarf
    When I saw this, I felt like I was Rebecca Bloomwood when she found the green scarf, except this one is much better (in my opinion) because it's teal. I have never worn a scarf back in the Philippines. Obviously because of the weather. So this autumn, I just can't contain my excitement to wear one.

2. white, lace dress
   As I've told in my other post, I am starting to love everything made of lace- lace dresses, lace blouses, you name it. There's just a romantic feel to them. And they're so classy and feminine.

3. gray, double-breasted coat
    This one is really a must-have for fall and winter and I want it so freakin' bad. Haha! I tried it and all I can say is I love it! For several minutes, I was just just there standing infront of the mirror admiring the coat I was wearing, I took it off, put it back in the hanger and after sometime, went back, tried it on again, stared in the mirror, and admired it, which seemed like forever. In my mind, So this is what a model feels like. I feel like one now. Actually I didn't want to take it off. But I have to because I still need to save some moolah.

Here's a close-up of my much coveted coat.

Zara is definitely one of the best stores when it comes to fashion. However, I must admit their price is too high for me (as a graduate student relying on her allowance). But thinking more about it, the price is actually just right because the quality (the textile used, the way it was tailored, the fit) is not compromised. 

And thanks to Sale Promos I was able to buy two coats from Zara - one I bought from a store in the Philippines the other one, I bought here in Korea. Hmmm.. *wondering when will the next sale be*

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