Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Blabbers at the start of the sem

Geez! It's nice to be able to write something here again. One entry last February (sad face). I feel like a lousy blogger (another sad face). Tsk tsk! But life happenings entitled me to become extremely busy the past month. I needed to work on my lab works and lab meetings, so my days and nights have been devoted to such. I also went home, in the Philippines, and stayed there for 12 days (now this deserves a happy face). I hope to be able to write a separate post for my short vacation but in the meantime, let me just blabber about the things that are needed to be done in the coming days.

The semester has officially started and I just had my first day of classes today. Two lectures and one seminar. Didn't take Korean Language 3 because I already took that much dreaded Department's Korean exam before going home. Thank God I passed! I'm supposed to take it in the coming summer break but the professor told me to just take it during the winter break. It was really a grueling week for me but I'm thankful for the help given by the senior from the other lab. He was the one who corrected my essays the night before the exam. I must say he's a good teacher, he was the one who corrected my final compositions in my two Korean subjects, too. I didn't even heard him say, "Why did you use this? It's too easy." unlike the other senior. Pinuno, as I fondly call him (a Filipino word for senior or sonbae), corrects my work and suggests words that are still within my grasp. He's indeed my hero when it comes to Korean Language.

So back to this sem. No more Korean Language, just focus on the major subjects and of course, my thesis. Yes, thesis, thesis, THESIS! I want to finish you now! Huhuhu! But I'm still in the middle. Halfway to go! Okay, think positive! Just halfway to go! On Friday, I'm going to report in our lab meeting but I got some problems/delays with some things in my experiment because it's kind of hard performing two experiments at the same time. Sometimes when you focus on one experiment, you tend to forget about the other. Darn. So I really have to budget my time and re-organize my schedule of lab activities. Okay, enough of all the rants and blabbering. I have to go back to the apartment now.

By the way, I need to start the semester with a clear view of things, literally and figuratively. So I got myself new contacts and glasses. However, I might need lakas ng loob to wear my glasses in the lab.

To wear glasses (in the lab) or not? I'll just base it in the result of my report. Hala!

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