Friday, March 23, 2012

Live Beautifully: Skin care

It's past midnight already but I must do this. Haven't blogged for some time now and I really, REALLY miss blogging. So here it goes. By the way, just a little reminder to myself: enough of writing laboratory-related stuff (as much as possible). Laboratory spells Stress so I'll do my best to avoid that here.
A few weeks ago, I decided to focus on a particular goal, which is to LIVE Healthily, Happily, and Beautifully. 
Here's my take on the part of LIVE BeautifullyAs a teenager, I experienced what it's like to have those unwanted acne in one's face. Then came college, and guess what? Up until now! Yes, I'm in my mid twenties and my hormones are still raging. Geez! Add to that my stressful days in the lab (oops, err sorry can't help but mention) and my almost sleepless nights. Considering the fact that I'm in the land of acne-free, smooth and fair-skinned Koreans, my confidence level was definitely in its lowest. Something has to be done! ASAP! So I asked a friend, who has a very clear and smooth skin, what's his secret. Turns out he is seeing an esthetician here in Daegu. So armed with the desire to have a beautiful skin, I also went to his esthetician, Ms. Diana, two weeks ago. She advised me to have a micro needle and repair treatment and gave me some home care cosmetics. And OMG, those cosmetics are nothing but expensive! Currently, they are my most expensive buys. I already got a big discount, especially in the treatment, but the prices are still high. But then again, I'm still thankful for the discounts! By the way, here's a glimpse of what they look like.
 my crème de la crème skin care regimen 
So far, so good. I am loving every single thing. I feel like a rich kid whenever I lather them on my face. Haha! And the fragrance is perfectly right! Not too strong, not too dull. I just hope they do their job well.

Note: Products are made in Europe, which explains why they are so expensive (shipping, tax, etc).


Shayne said...

Go pami! :))

pamella said...

haaay shayne, kamahalan lang. waley na si dslr, napunta na dito. tapos yan ay for winter, kasi super nagddry ang face ko so kelangan i-moisturize but no, ngayon ay spring na so oily naman. anyway, bahala na. haha!

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