Sunday, October 20, 2013

To take the test or not?

I paid P1,900 thru bank deposit last Friday. In the form, it says Check your email after two banking days for your payment confirmation email. So I was expecting that I'll receive the confirmation on Tuesday or Wednesday next week. I didn't bother to check my mail yesterday but this morning, lo and behold, I saw the confirmation email (which was sent yesterday night).

In just a matter of one month I'll be taking an exam. I already took it four years ago but I didn't push through with my plan. Honestly, I am not confident right now. I haven't started reviewing yet (the serious type) because I've just left a miserable job and have just started a new work last week. I'm still recovering from the "trauma" the previous job has caused me and still adjusting in my new work environment. I actually wanted to back out and take the exam next year instead. But...maybe I should not delay this anymore. Waaah, one confused girl here! I just hope that if ever I decided to continue, I'll be prepared, calm, and collected on the day of the exam. Please help me God.

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