Sunday, October 6, 2013

Saturday shopping: Folio dress

Hello October! Whoa, time passes by so fast!

So yesterday, I had my me-time walking and shopping in SM City Calamba. SM Calamba is part of the chain of SM shopping malls here in the Philippines. Malls are popular places to shop because it's like a One-Stop-Shop, everything you need, it's all in one building. It's very convenient and it's fully air-conditioned (imagine shopping outside with the humid and hot weather? No, please.). SM Mall of Asia (see previous post here) is my favorite but I cannot always go to the city so the solution is: the nearest mall in my area.
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Unlike SM Mall of Asia, SM Calamba is much, much smaller. But it's okay. There are still quite a lot of shops to look to.=)

I did my usual sightseeing first before buying anything. I always look first at all the stuff. Then, I saw a pretty white blouse in the mannequin. I checked the rack but the blouses are in sizes bigger than mine. It happens that there are also dresses in the same fabric. So, I tried them on. By the way, if there's one piece of advice I can give regarding buying clothes, it's that you should always fit/try on the clothes first because what looks good on a mannequin or what looks good on display doesn't mean it will also look good on you. On the other hand, what looks plain or boring on display doesn't mean it will not look good on you. The key is the right fit.

Being a girl that I am, I can either be an impulsive buyer or someone that takes her time(this can  be a long time actually) to decide whether she will buy a piece of clothing or not. I was even thinking of maybe just buying it next time but when I learned that the dress of my size is already the last stock, I decided to buy it right at that moment. Hehe! One of the biggest regrets a shopper can have is not buying the thing that she likes then going back to the shop to buy it only to find out that it's already gone.

So here's the white dress from Folio. I always go for the simple and clean-cut dresses. What I love most about this dress is the textured fabric with small floral patterns. I always wanted to have a white dress, so this one fits the bill.

Now here I am again, the dilemma - Where to wear the dress? Haha! I love buying dresses but I'm just not sure when and wear I'll be wearing them. A wedding perhaps? Geez somebody please invite me to attend a wedding. Haha! =)

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