Monday, October 14, 2013


Blog Header
This morning I did some tweaks here and there and viola, hello to my new [slightly modified] blog header! I'm not a techie person but sometimes a little change in the blog is a refreshing welcome. Same picture as some of you may know; I just cropped the sides, added a filter and an overlay of banner and text. Got the idea from here but I only used one photo editor, the picmonkey. Finally, a bigger and better header!

Goodbye Dear Molar
The dentist gave me two options: root canal treatment (RTC) or extraction. RTC is more expensive so I opted for extraction. Last Monday I had my molar removed. It was a bittersweet moment actually. I could have saved my tooth but what's done is done. I can never have my tooth back. After a month I'll be getting a bridge (a replacement for my molar, made of porcelain and will be cemented on my gums). I still miss my real tooth, though.

Independence Day
Another bittersweet moment: I had my despedida/farewell party in the lab last Friday. Bittersweet because I'll be missing my colleagues who have been supporting and giving me joy amidst all the chaos in my laboratory life.

Selfie? How about group selfie? Posing and smiling with my GTL family.

This is one big card! Each one of them wrote a message and it's really, really touching. Definitely going to miss them. They're not only colleagues or labmates, they're friends and family. They saw what I've been through in those difficult five months. They listened to me when I was down. They were there when I couldn't help but cry. They supported and gave me advice. They made me smile and helped me be strong.

New Work
When one falls down, one should learn to pick himself up and move on with life. An opportunity came and I'll be transferring to a new work. I have to admit, I'm still recuperating from a rough experience but I'm hoping to get my self-worth and confidence back. I'll be starting from scratch but I'm ready for this new phase of my life.

Hope things are going with well with you guys!

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