Thursday, November 13, 2014

Fourth Visit at Apsan Park

Apsan Park is one of my favorite sites in Daegu. I visited it for the first time in the fall of 2011 (see post here), the second time around during the summer of 2012 and for the third time in the winter of 2013 (see post here).

Now, for the fourth time, I came back last October, fall of 2014.

There are a lot of improvements in Apsan. For one, the cable car station has been renovated. And
when you're already up in the mountain, the once open-aired receiving area is now enclosed with glass so people can have a rest and be warm in the colder months while waiting for the cable car.

This never fails to amaze me! This is the best thing when going to Apsan, you are greeted by the view of the entire city and its surrounding mountains. It's just beautiful and serene.

It's also nice to have met other people.

And on our way back, it's a must to try out some exercises. Which one is your pick?
I will, definitely, never get tired of going back here again and again.

The lovely sunset, 
the stunning view of the city,
the trees around me, 
the chill of the autumn air...
Nothing will ever compare.

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