Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Deoksugung Palace

The fourth day was spent exploring Deoksugung Palace. It is smaller compared to Gyeongbokgung but it is lovely nonetheless. Outside, the city is bustling with cars and people on the go but once you get in the palace grounds, you are surrounded by calmness and rich heritage of the Korean society.

The colorful and intricate design of the ceilings never fail to captivate me. Look at how beautiful they are!

It's a bit odd but aside from the palace quarters, Deoksugung also has modern and westernized architecture within its grounds. It houses the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art. A well-trimmed garden and fountain can also be found in front of the museum. Actually, for a moment, it made me question if I was really in Korea. Hehe.

Then, we get to witness the palace guards. It's like out of nowhere, the guards suddenly came marching. We're fortunate we get to see them real close.

A must-see in every palace visit is the change of royal guards. It's like you're watching a play and the palace grounds is their stage!

*All photos taken by me except for the two (where I am included) which were taken by my friend

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