Thursday, December 18, 2014

Trick Eye Museum

Spiderman saves the day

Finding the Trick Eye Museum is a little bit tricky. It was located near Hongik University. When we arrived there we followed the map but we couldn't find it so we just asked other people if they know where the Trick Eye is exactly. But to our surprise, out of the several people we asked, only one knows where it's at. And he is even a foreigner. He even came with us because he said it will be difficult to find it by just giving directions. And yup, he's right. It's located in the middle of the small shops surrounding the university. It's sign is not that big and it's even found in the basement. So yeah, we're lucky someone helped us.

This is how you do it yo!

Trick Eye Museum is like a studio with several areas where you can take a picture. It's so much fun, though a a bit exhausting because we literally took a picture/set of pictures in every station. Haha! 

Sitting on the moon

Spread your wings...and pedal your bike

Into the wild

Under the sea

Yellow boots and a cutie patootie kitty

If only these are true

Escaping the flood

Escaping the shark

Escaping criticism

Come ride with me

Feelin' like a model

Get me out of here!

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