Sunday, February 22, 2015

Homeless But Hopeful

Currently, I am basically homeless (ala Ed Sheeran). Yes, he experienced what it's like to be homeless before he became famous. I still have the apartment though but I don't sleep there anymore. Right after the theft incident, my parents advised me not to spend the night there and to look for a new place as soon as possible. The mere thought that someone got inside my room and got hold of my things left a trauma on me. My room, my apartment, is not what it used to be. It's not a happy place anymore. It's not my home anymore. It's not safe anymore. It just looks gloomy and reminds me of the incident.

Staying at other people's place is not my thing. I prefer to be in my room, in my own bed. It's kind of uncomfortable to be at a place that's not your own. However, the nights that followed, I was left with no choice but to sleep over in my friends' place. 

They say you'll know who your true friends are in times of trouble, in times of need...and this incident made me realized that I am one lucky girl to have friends who are ready to help me. I spent Tuesday and Wednesday nights at my colleague's apartment, Thursday night until tomorrow night, I am staying at another friend's house (the one who recently got married where I was a bridesmaid). Wednesday afternoon and Thursday was spent apartment hunting with another friend, who's also willing to let me stay at her apartment. Seriously, I really feel blessed and grateful they are all there for me!

Right now, I am eyeing a dormitory inside the campus which has a security guard and CCTV cameras. They're kind of strict when it comes to accepting residents but I am hoping and praying I get accepted. Last Friday, I already sent the requirements, a Letter of Intent and Certificate of Employment. It will take one to two weeks for the processing. An officer will screen the submissions, a call or an email will be sent to the applicant, who will then be interviewed at the main office. It's a meticulous process but it's okay, at least I know they really screen the residents. I am really, really hoping that I get accepted there this week (Please pray for me) so that I'll be able to have a place I can call home here in LB.

P.S. Let's go back to Ed Sheeran. I am now in his shoes. He was homeless, then he became famous. I am not wishing to be famous after this, but I am hoping that after all these misfortunes, something good is still in store for me.

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