Wednesday, February 18, 2015


This is just the start of the year but some bad things are already happening in my life. Yesterday someone broke into my room. My housemate arrived at about 3:45 pm. He was about to park his motorcycle at the back of our apartment when he noticed my air-conditioner on the ground. He then called me and I thought, How on earth would it fall out of the wall? It was stable and even during the typhoons (with strong winds and heavy rains), it didn't even fall off. Then I panic and I asked him what's the condition. If it fell, it's probably damage because of the impact. But then, it shouldn't even fall in the first place. Then it struck me. Someone probably removed it and got inside my room. And at 4:00 pm, my suspicion was proven true. Someone or probably two people removed it and the one with smaller built got through the hole. When I opened my door, all my things were out of place. The cabinets were opened. It was a mess.

My laptop was gone. It was an old one but it was the one I used when I was still in Korea and all my files (MS thesis and raw data) and pictures were there. They basically took away my two years worth of stay in Korea. 

My DSLR was gone. It was a Canon 1200D unit. For such a long time (from year 2009 to be exact), it has always been my dream of owning a DSLR. I never got the chance of buying one before because it's expensive but last year (October 2014) I took the plunge and bought one through credit card. It's worth P22,000+ and it's one year to pay. I'll only need to pay P1,800+ per month, such a good deal already. It was only used during my trip to Korea and during the Christmas season. It was placed in a camera bag, which was then placed inside another bag to prevent dust from accumulating. I'm kind of OC when it comes to my things so I really make sure they are properly taken cared of. But in just one moment, it was gone.

My wallet with only a few bills was also gone. The amount wasn't that big but it's something special because that money was given to me by my grandmother last Christmas. It was her gift to me. I'm keeping it because I want to give it back to her again when I get home. But in just the blink of an eye, it was all gone.

My back pack which I got from Hyundai Korea was gone. They gave it as a souvenir when we visited their company. I'm supposed to leave it in Korea but my father packed it when we went back to the Philippines. It was the bag I use whenever I travel and I love it because you can put as many things in it. It expands like magic. One time, one of the straps loosened out and I diligently sew it back in place. And now, it's gone.

Those burglars, those robbers, don't they know the importance of the things they stole from other people?

Don't they know the stories behind those gadgets?

That it takes time and effort of saving a lot of money just to buy them.

That those were once dreams put to reality.

That those things are special because they've been given by our loved ones.

They just don't, don't they? They just don't care.

But one day, all the bad things they did to other people will go back to them...

That thing called karma.

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