Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Cafe de la Poste

Since I'm on a holiday and the internet connection is surprisingly fast here in the province, it's timely that I go back to posting some stuff during my Vietnam trip last October.

So after checking the Notre Dame Cathedral and Central Post Office, my friend and I were already tired and hungry. We decided to try a nearby cafe, which is just beside the Central Post Office, the Cafe de la Poste.

I loved the look and feel of the place. They have an air-conditioned indoor area where you can eat and have a sip of a refreshing coffee but I think the outdoor area is much, much better. It's just perfect to sit there, do people watching, eat, drink, and just absorb the beauty of Vietnam. I felt like I'm in Europe or something, you know, the outdoor cafes with tables and chairs and big umbrellas covering them.

Iced coffee
And when it comes to food, gosh I super love how healthy and delicious the food in Vietnam is! I ordered vegetable salad and iced coffee. My friend, Shayne, got some noodles (pho) and iced coffee too because well, we're in Vietnam, we might as well try their coffee! I have to say I'm not a coffee lover but when I was there, I probably had coffee several times a day, for four straight days and I just loved it! We also got a green tea flavored iced cream. So yeah, how healthy can you be in Vietnam? =)
Vegetable salad


Green tea flavored ice cream

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