Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Reunification Palace (Dinh Thống Nhất)

After our break in Cafe de la Poste, when we finally had our energy back, we then explored a historical landmark - the Reunification Palace/Independence Palace. It used to be the home and workplace of the president of South Vietnam. Vietnam was divided before into North and South. During the Fall of Saigon (where the communist government of North Vietnam successfully invaded Saigon, the capital of South Vietnam; also served as the transition period to the formal reunification of two Vietnams), significant events occured in the Reunification Palace - it was bombed twice, demolished, rebuilded. It's also the site where the Vietnam War ended.

The interior consists of different chambers, which are well-preserved and -maintained.
Banquet chamber

Banquet chamber
Ministers' cabinet room
Conference hall

For more information, you can read here or visit their website.

Note: All pictures were taken by me except for the last one which was taken by Shayne.

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