Tuesday, June 7, 2016

BenCab: Haven of Art, Culture, Tradition, Nature

Sometimes you have to go somewhere else to explore, to de-stress, to appreciate, or, basically, to just breathe in. And all those I did when my family and I went to BenCab Museum in Benguet on the 15th of May. I've been seeing it a lot online and even the movie That Thing Called Tadhana filmed some scenes here. It's not the usual big, old, historic museum. It's modern, with just the right space to house several works of local artists and that of Benedicto Cabrera, the owner and an artist himself.  He holds the distinction of being a National Artist not only because of his art works but also because of his efforts in spreading out art appreciation and preserving the Cordillera culture by helping in establishing the Tam-awan Village. For more information, you can click the picture below (and zoom it in).

So after traversing the narrow road in Km 6, an unlikely place holding a museum, we finally arrived at BenCab. At the front, you would think it's just a one-storey building. However, houses and buildings in Baguio and the nearby areas have stairs that are instead of going up, go down. So this one is really a four-storey building. When you get inside, the stairs  going down lead to level 2. Another stairs lead to level 3. And then to level 4.

Below are my favorite works of BenCab and other artists.

Aside from the paintings, sculptures, and other art works, I am in awe of the beauty at the back of the museum. It's so green, the mountains are filled with trees (which I hope they maintain because it's really calming); there's a lovely garden below with a nipa hut in the middle of a pond, rice paddy, a small area planted with strawberry; and on the right side, there's an open space where you get to see the sun set. Such a lovely, lovely sight!

Far beyond, the sun is setting in.
(But this view is way better in person. I swear.)

So in this last picture, here I am flashing a big smile. Deep inside, I am jumping for joy! I have to say our visit to BenCab was really one for the books! Such a wonderful experience!

Thank you Sir Benedicto Cabrera for this little piece of heaven! Every corner is filled with love for art, culture, tradition, and nature.

*all pictures by me except for the ones I'm in which were taken by my mom

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