Saturday, June 25, 2016

Trip to Baguio (Part I)

Baguio City is a famous summer destination here in the Philippines if you want to escape the summer heat in Manila or other parts of the country. It's located in the northern part, specifically in the mountainous terrain in Benguet. It's high altitude means it has cooler temperature all year-round compared to the rest of the country.

So I'll just be sharing our activities and the places we've been to. =)

The morning of May 15th was spent attending mass in Baguio City Cathedral.

Next stop was Burnham Park - perfect for relaxing, seeing beautiful blooms, and of course, riding a boat!

I just had to take a look and buy some souvenirs. Some items, such as key chains only cost P10!

We also visited the Pink Sisters' Convent and Chapel. My mom and I attended another mass and I'm just glad we did. I love how silence is strictly observed and you can just sit there and pray and reflect. 

For lunch, we headed into The Other Office, a restaurant suggested by Manong driver. He was actually not only our driver, he was also our tour guide! How cool can that be?! And the view was definitely breathtaking - green lawns and pine trees!

The afternoon was then spent at the BenCab Museum, which I featured in the previous post.

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