Friday, November 5, 2010

At last!

Yey! At last! I already sent the documents to my professor in grad school. It took me a long time to complete all of them, but now it's finished and I'm so happy!

And I just wanna share my experience this afternoon when I mailed them:
  1. First and foremost, I searched the internet for the price of international delivery and found out that aside from charges based on location, weight also matters, which led me to weigh my documents in the top-balance in the lab. Good thing it's only 189 grams.
  2. I went to the mailing express center. The man there said that he would be inspecting the documents. Oh my! I already securely closed the envelope with glue and scotch tape. But I had no choice. I opened it. Then he asked for the contact number of the receiver but unfortunately I didn't have it. So he suggested I find it first and go back to him.
  3. I directly went to an internet cafe to check my professor's number, but before that I bought new envelope, scissors, and glue (since I ruined my first envelope while opening it). After making sure that I had his number, I put the documents in the new one. I also printed new copy of sender's and receiver's mailing address and pasted them on the envelope.
  4. Finally, I went back to the mail man and sent the documents successfully, which will  arrive there after three to four working days, so that'll be on Wed or Thurs.
Lessons learned: Make sure to have a complete contact info of the receiver. And do not be too excited to  close the envelope, keep in mind there's a word we call 'inspection.'
However amidst all of those mishaps, I really am very happy!...and sleepy already. Haha! I now have a new rule in life, it's called "the ten o'clock rule." Why? Because I realized I need enough sleep. To achieve that, I need to be on bed, sleeping and dreaming by 10pm. This should also be done to lessen my acne breakouts. Yes as of now breakouts are everywhere on my face. And it feels terrible! Oh my, all I ever wanted is to have a smooth, clear, acne-free skin.

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