Thursday, November 11, 2010

3101: Bonding with former roommates

Finally, we've seen each other again (after almost two years). Last Saturday, me and my former roommates in college met in Manila. First stop was Mall of Asia. While waiting for the others, Shayne and I strolled around the mall. There were lots of christmas decors already, which reminded me that christmas is fast approaching. We had fun taking pictures of each other. And I really loved the christmas trees and other decors made of native materials and the colors/themes of red and gold.

Then, we had some frozen yogurt. It's my favorite! Shayne had the fruity selection (kiwi, mango, and almonds) for the toppings while I had berry and choco nuts (blue berry, choco balls, and walnuts). 

Charis arrived and ordered the choco cereals combo.

Then, Ussel came and the four of us went to the Manila Ocean Park. It's the first ocean park here in the Philippines. We had the Marine Life Encounter Package consisting of:
  • Oceanarium - different marine life forms can be seen here
  • Jellies: dancing sea fairies - I super like this! It seemed like I'm in a dreamy world. And Pachelbel Canon is playing in the background.☺
  • Marine Life Show - Two sea lions with their trainers perform different amazing acts. They're really good!
  • Marine Life Habitat - As of the moment, only the sea lion habitat can be seen. The whole area is still undergoing full completion.

We really enjoyed it all! It's nice to be with them again. Hopefully next time, Jonna will be able to come.

Here's a little history: We were roommates back in college, from second to fourth year. With that span of time, I must say that we have truly known each other and shared the ups and downs of college life. And I'm very thankful I met people like them.
3101. It is the room which had brought us together; five different lives, five different personalities.


KANI said...

thanks for visiting my blog pamella! the photo of you in front of the christmas trees is really getting me excited! i have yet to start on my christmas shopping, can't wait now!

Shayne said...

pami! haha nagyon ko lang nakita to..amazing talaga tong blog mo..yii! hha

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