Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Swimming lessons: second to the last session

Two weeks from now, I'll be having my presentation for our laboratory meeting. waaah! So there, expect a lack of post in the days to come because I really need to prepare for that. But as for now, I would like to take the moment to just be happy. And speaking of happiness, one thing that really makes me happy is swimming.

When I was a kid I really wanted to learn how to swim but to no avail. Fear kept holding me from learning. But now, I learned how to face  that fear. Last year I started to attend swimming lessons in elbi. It was my first time to learn how to swim, at the age of 24. Who would have thought that at that age someone will be able to learn how to swim for the first time? Actually, for me it's amazing! Age really doesn't matter, as long as you're determined to do that thing, as long as there's passion and motivation, then GO! I remember a friend of a friend who told me she learned how to swim when she was 23 years old. And she also said this, Don't worry I'm sure you'll also learn how to swim. Better to attend swimming lessons because that's where you really will learn.  Swimming lessons it is! That's why I grabbed the chance to attend swimming lessons offered by a friend of the owner of our dorm. Together with my two dormmates, we learned the basics and the most important thing - to just let go of your fear to be able to conquer the waters.

And now even if I'm here in Korea, I'm also having swimming lessons. How's that! I really wanted to learn this sport! This afternoon was our second to the last class though and next Thursday will be the last. But I'm hoping I'll be able to learn different strokes in the near future, well hopefully next month (fingers-crossed, hope my lab schedule permits me this August).

I guess our swimming instructor is also an added factor for my reason to continue swimming. He's so good at it! And I can see his love and passion for that sport. And of course, he's very cute, oh I mean handsome! Haha! Inspired!

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