Wednesday, July 11, 2012

One Sophisticated Lady

Since I'm kind of stressed out already reading scientific journals, I decided to have a break. And by break I mean doing something that will put a smile on my face and that would be this: fashion inspiration. I set my eyes in the ASOS website and looked for some dresses. I was looking for some clean-cut, tailored pieces that imbibe sophistication and professionalism but are also stylish. Time and again, ASOS never fails me.

Black and peplum seals the deal, don't you think?

Here is a piece in a lighter color, a shade in between red rose and pink, which I truly adore.

The following pieces don't really fall into what I mentioned above -clean cut and tailored outfits that show sophistication and professionalism - they're more of ladylike/feminine pieces (vibrant colors, patterns, texture, cut-outs) but if you just add a blazer or a sweater, well, you've got what it takes to look professional.

This one is fierce!  From daytime to nighttime.

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