Friday, July 13, 2012

Under the Lovely Summer Night

Fashion blogs and retail online shops are becoming my "happy place" nowadays. It's like an escape from the daily routines of life.

White, as we all know, symbolizes purity and for me, it is also one of the colors that evokes timelessness. Black, white, and red are my top picks. Aside from color, other factors include the cut, design, the material from which the clothing is made, and the way it fits the body. 

I am definitely loving the pieces above from Whistles. Those dresses are made from embroidered and crochet materials, which are perfect for this summer season. I can imagine wearing the first two dresses while walking in a park under the heat of the sun, exploring the beauty of nature, then after getting tired and exhausted from all the walking and wandering, I'll enter a museum or an art gallery to feast my eyes with all the treasures of the world's rich history. The maxi dress, I'll be wearing while walking along the beach with a special someone under the lovely summer night, feeling the sand and water beneath our feet. Now, am I'm starting to sound a little romantic? Haha! Well, this girl is after all a hopeless romantic.

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