Thursday, September 26, 2013

Dream Wedding

When I get married someday, I want to have a simple and intimate wedding just like this: Set on a beautiful mountainside and a nearby lake, where everyone is surrounded by fresh air, luscious green landscapes, and still waters.
 It's all in the details...a wooden rotunda with white cloth, ribbons, and a variety of flowers.
And look at the lovely couple! By the way, they are Andy and Sonia. To know more about their love story and to have a peek at their married life, you can visit their Youtube channel, Andy Met Sonia. Sonia is part of the amazing singing duo Jayesslee.

And of course, a beautiful wedding is not without beautiful pictures. Jenny Sun and her team were able to capture the beauty of the event. There's just happiness, love, and magic in every photo. To see more images and details of Andy and Sonia's wedding, you can check Jenny Sun's blog. day.

Photo credits: Jenny Sun Photography

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